Pay and communicate only through Nonlocal

Paying outside Nonlocal can expose you to fraud

Paying and communicating through Nonlocal before booking helps ensure that guides and guests are protected under our Terms of Service, the Community Guidelines, PayPal's Buyer and Seller Protection Program, and other safeguards. Paying outside the Nonlocal system exposes you to risk, and we can’t provide access to these benefits when tours aren’t booked and paid for directly through Nonlocal.

We’ve also built many safeguards into Nonlocal to help keep your information secure, and we're improving on those safeguards all the time. If you pay or communicate outside Nonlocal, you miss out on these security benefits. That makes it harder for us to protect your information and puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues, such as phishing.

Our payment and messaging systems keep things simple and secure

We designed our payment system to give everyone peace of mind. When a guest pays through Nonlocal, payments go through our secure structure. Guests authorize payment when they book a tour, and PayPal releases the money to guides after they accept the booking.

Messaging on Nonlocal also makes it easy to find and reference important booking details like your scheduled time, tour details, and other useful information. When you use Nonlocal's messaging system, you also benefit from security features we've built into it.

If someone tries to get you to pay outside Nonlocal, let us know

Never pay for a booking outside Nonlocal's website. If someone asks you to pay for a booking outside our on-site payment system—or you think someone might be sending you links to a fake Nonlocal webpage—email us at

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