Your tours can be priced or free

Should my tours be priced or free?

Both priced and free tours are welcome on Nonlocal. It's up to you. We're all fellow travelers here.

Why would I list free tours?

Some of the reasons people list free tours on Nonlocal include:

  • You want to give tours for fun, but not as a source of income.
  • You have an idea for a priced tour, but you're not sure if it will interest anyone or what the price should be. Listing as a free tour will give you feedback from guests.
  • You're new to Nonlocal. Free tours get you reviews that encourage guests to book your priced tours.

You can convert a tour back and forth between free or priced at anytime, and when you do all the reviews you've earned stay in place with the tour.

Setting a price for your tour

Guests will evaluate the value of your tour, so it's important to set a price that balances expectations with what your tour has to offer.

If you're a first-time guide, consider lowering your rate so that you can get that first booking, gain some experience, and start developing your guiding style.

The price you charge for your tour is completely up to you. You can search for comparable tours to get an idea of market prices.

Using data to help set your price

Setting a price can be hard without reliable information about other tours in your area, trends, and the interest people have in the tours you offer.

That’s why we’re excited to be gradually launching an algorithmic pricing service for guides. From time to time, the software looks at each tour to maximize your earnings. You'll get personalized tips, and the prices of your tours may change to take advantage of what the algorithm knows about the real-time system activity.

Remember, you never have to accept a booking that you don't want.  And you are free to override the pricing service and edit your tours and prices at any time.

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