Using your TV

The big world on the big screen

For tours by live video, your TV and your computer are better together, like some other things you might know: 



Your computer or smartphone provides the software, and your TV supplies the big, beautiful screen.

Just connect the video output of your smartphone or computer to your TV.

This sounds super-easy, and it is. 

Making the connection


Wired is the simplest way to connect.

To connect your computer to your TV, use a cable like this one. It plugs into the HDMI out port on your computer, and into the HDMI in port on your TV.

To connect your smartphone to your TV, use an HDMI adapter, then you can connect it the same way as a computer, above.

For iPhones, use the Lightning Digital AV Adapter.

For Android phones, use a MHL Adapter.  There are many to choose from, and it's possible that your Smartphone maker makes one just for your phone.  Here's an example.

Wireless has no cable, but is more involved, with lower video quality.

To connect wirelessly, use a set top box:


Audio is different: you don't want to connect it to your TV, but to you. How you do this depends on the situation:

  • If it's just you — Use headphones connected to your computer or smartphone.
  • If you have a group — Use a bluetooth speaker with a built in microphone.  Or you can use your phone/computer as a speakerphone.
  • If you have a large group — Use a wireless microphone so that different people can talk and be heard well. For listening, use either the audio from your TV, or an external speaker.



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