Types of gear

Gear adds value to your tours

The smartphone gear options continue to evolve fast.  This overview is meant to highlight the more common gear for guides.

Your smartphone

This is all the tech you need to be a guide.  Most smartphones are good enough for smooth and clear live video.

The main requirement is that it is on the 4G/LTE network.  If your phone is on this network, it will be powerful enough and fast enough for tours.

Connect your earbuds with mic and you're all set.

Battery case

Live video drains your battery.  A good estimate is about 1% of your battery for each 1-2 minutes of touring.

Battery cases are easy to use when you're on the move.  So you can use them while you are giving tours.

Add-on lenses

Lenses give you more options on what you show your guests.  They are available as either clip-ons, or integrated into cases.

The main types are:

  • Telephoto — gets you closer to the action from where you are.
  • Wide — captures the landscape
  • Macro — for seeing things up close

Laser pointers

You've got to be careful with laser pointers: don't use the in crowds, or aim them at people.  But they can be very helpful to highlight things you are looking at, such as architectural details.  Or to focus the guest's attention to a certain area.

Tripod / monopod

These let you "drop anchor" and provide a steady view for watching the action from one place.

You can pair with a macro lens to get a good look at things up close.


Gimbals remove shakes, smooth your moves, and makes walking feel like flying.


Using a different camera from the one built into your smartphone can completely change the quality of your tour.

Cameras can provide higher resolution video.

Cameras can be mounted on selfie sticks to allow you to show things from different points of view.

360 Cameras allow your guests to control what they are looking at around you.


Drones can provide fantastic perspectives, and allow you to give tours of places you cannot otherwise get to.

Using drones can be involved, and we suggest you huddle with you guest to make sure everything works with a test run.



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