How it works for guides

Meet people from all over the world, and earn extra money.

No fees to join and to list

Creating tour pages is free. You only pay a service fee when you get paid for a priced tour.

Set your own schedule

When you guide with Nonlocal, you schedule your tours when you want. Even after a guest books, you have time to decide to accept the booking.

Let Nonlocal guide you

Just list your tours and go. Nonlocal connects you with guests, keeps track of your bookings, and deposits your earnings directly into your PayPal account.


It's easy to get started.

  1. Sign up in minutes — Tell guests a little about yourself in your Profile.
  2. List your tours — We encourage you to list all kinds of tours by live video on Nonlocal.
  3. You're in control — You set the hourly price for your tour, and if you will shop for your guests.



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